1. Why should you install wind deflectors on your side windows?

      • Wind deflectors provide better ventilation as air now moves out from the car. Without a wind deflector the same air circulates around inside the car.
      • Wind deflectors avoid rain from entering the car when the window is opened.
      • Wind deflectors offer 5 cm wide protection from sunshine from the top part of the side window.
      • Wind deflectors are a help when transporting pets in the car.

2. Why use a hood deflector?

      • The hood deflector protects the hood from stone chips.
      • Using a hood deflector is cheaper than having to paint the car.
      • The hood deflector diverts road dust more efficiently over your car, leaving the windscreen
      • A hood deflector gives the car style and sets it apart from others.
      • It is easy to paint the hood deflector the same shade of colour as the car, making it less

3. Why purchase a wind deflector from us?

      • We make small changes to factory products. We exchange tape from rear window wind deflectors to more a suitable tape for the Nordic region with UV protection, running along the entire edge and add tools to help with the installation of clamps.
      • We reply quickly to your questions about products.
      • We offer a good selection of products in stock. You can visit our South Savo warehouse where we install products for free.

4. Where to put metal clamps?

Metal clamps firmly fix wind deflectors into place.

An illustrated instruction manual can be found at the
address: https://tuuliohjaimet.fi/asennus/tuuliohjaimet/. The exact places where to place the
clamps are clearly visible in the video.

If the clamps do not fit in the seals, apply some pressure with pliers.

5. Can additional clamps be purchased?

Yes, you can. They are on sale in our additional components section at the address https://tuuliohjaimet.fi/tuote/metalliklipsit/.

6. Can I buy a single wind deflector or only for the rear windows?

Of course, you can. Contact us.

7. Are the same wind deflectors suitable for sedans, station (estate) wagons and hatchbacks?

The front windows are identical on many models and the wind deflectors will fit, but rear windows are usually different. For that reason, always make sure you order a product which fits your model of car.

8. Can deflectors and hood deflectors go through an automatic car wash?

Yes, both are made from such strong materials that they can withstand an automatic car wash.

9. What should I do if the electric windows do not shut properly?

In that case you should use your hands to push the windows up. This means that one presses the button while the other pushes the window completely shut. This should be repeated until the windows start to shut properly.