We send products mainly to Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden). If you live anywhere else, write to us and we will check the delivery option.

We ship products to the post office. This means the product arrives to your closest post office. You will receive a message when the package has arrived. Alternatively, you can pick up the product yourself. The package is usually shipped out 1 to 3 working days after the order is
placed. When the product is out of stock, we will contact the client and order the product from the manufacturer. In such a case the product is shipped out in around two weeks. Shipping costs are calculated on the delivery price list (wind deflectors 11 euros and hood deflectors 16 euros). You will receive a receipt upon delivery, which also serves as proof of guarantee.

When you receive the product, please check the following conditions.

  • As soon as possible, please check the content of the delivery and that it matches your
  • If the product does not meet the requirements for its use do not attempt to alter it in any
    way, and contact our sales representative.

The products we sell have a four-in-one guarantee.

  • Return guarantee – if the client is for some reason unhappy with the product it can be
    returned within 14 days. We repay the cost of the product but not the shipping costs.
  • Transport guarantee – if the product is damaged during shipping, we will send out a new
  • Exchange guarantee – if the client has ordered the wrong product, it can be shipped back
    and exchanged for a more suitable product.
  • Repair part guarantee – if the clamps have been lost or you require new tape for the rims,
    please let us know.

All products have a 14-day return policy, which starts when the product is received. Return shipping is free only in case of our own fault and we have shipped the wrong product. In all other cases the client must pay the cost of returning the product. The right to return policy only covers products returned in accordance with requirements. This means the product must be in its original packaging, unused and properly packaged for the return delivery. Only send back a product if you have received the go-ahead from a sales representative.

Methods of payment

We provide the following payment method options:

  • Finnish online payment (facilitated by Klarna).
  • The payment service Checkout facilitates the payment to the trader. In that case the
    company Checkout Finland Oy will appear on your credit card statement or invoice.The online store markets and ships the product to the client. The online store is responsible for fulfilling responsible rising from laws and from its own commitments. If you wish to lodge a complaint about the product or to return it, please contact directly the
    online store, where the product was ordered.

  • Cash (only if picking up the product yourself).